The Dino's

Meet Our Players



The Brachiosaurus

Benji utilizes his long neck to outreach his competition and gathers as many eggs as possible. Benji is best friends with Terry even though they don't always see eye to eye, their respect and friendship will always shine through.



The Triceratops

Son of legendary Theodore the Terror Triceratops, Terry has a lot to live up to.  Terry is an excellent singles and doubles player in the Dome with a tough no-nonsense approach. He uses his powerful horns and a weapon when fiercely competing.


Sam & Steve

The Identical Stegosaurus

Sam, or is it Steve? These two identical twin stegosauruses are a pair of jokesters. Their twin bond often results in them speaking in unison. Don't let their laid back attitude deceive you though. They are one of the best doubles teams around!

angie test.jpg


The Anklyosaurus

Angie is the daughter of the legendary Arthur. Angie following in her father's footsteps is an awesome competitor and shows great tenacity in the Dome using her natural talent and brutal clubbed tail to earn her way into the top NDDL ranks.



The T-Rex

Trevor the T-Rex is an obnoxious tyrannosaurus. A previous winner of the NDDL, Trevor has built fierce rivalries. People have often clamoured for Trevor to be involved in a doubles team, but he seems the least bit interested in that.


The Compsognathus

Meet this cheeky fella - he's a compsognathus but call him 'Compy'. He's often seen scuttling around the dome trying to get free tickets, he's a huge fan but is yet to compete. What do you think? Could he be the next NDDL champion?



The Spinosaurus

Shelly the Silencer is of gargantuan size. Winning tournaments come easy to Shelly as her aggression and skill shine through. Her love for the game leads her to help out with new recruits in Diami Beach. People have suggested she is scouting for future doubles partners or even rivals.

this guy.jpg

Oliver & Oscar

The Oviraptors

These guys perform numerous roles, some are officials, others are commentators, all of them are pretty dumb! Originating from Django Forrest, oviraptors spread through Dino Island quickly, becoming integral members in establishing the NDDL as the main sport.

character test.jpg

The Three Deans

The Dilophosaurs

The Three Deans are dilophosaurs who dwell down the Rainbow River. They are strange folk and no one really knows much about them. Apart from that they live in the fog and speak of prophecies and generally confusing lost travelers.


Want to customize your dino? 

Customizing your dino is easy. Once you've downloaded the app head on over to the 'Dino Cave' where there a number of accessories, skins, and limited edition features to create your own unique dino!